What is IVR?

Interactive voice Recording (IVR) is an Automated Telephonic System which Connects to your Business Executive's Mobile Phones via Pre-Recorded Audio & Keyboard Inputs Provided by the Caller.

We Provide two types of IVR :

  1. Single Level IVR : As the name Says, Single Level IVR requires single input which helps to connect Agents. This Form of IVR is Best for Business where we want callers connect directly to agents.
  2. Multi Level IVR : An IVR which is internally Connected to another IVR is a Multi Level IVR. It helps to streamline the workflow by integrating Multiple Layers to the Call flow.

We also provide Software which is integrated to IVR Systems. Here, one can get the analysis of Total Incoming calls & Missed Calls. You can also hear the conversation between Agent & Caller in the Recording Section

Centralized Phone Number
Attend Anytime & Anywhere
Live Dashboard
Forwards Calls From Virtual Number to your Local Number
One Number - Multiple Calls
Centralized Number

Why to have multiple numbers for different departments / different areas when one number is enough to connect caller to desired field?

By integrating IVR, It is possible to connect via single number.

Track - Record - Manage
Live Dashboard

Our Software keeps track of Total Calls, Attended Calls & Missed Calls.
It allows admin to generate Date Wise, Month Wise, Department Wise & Agent Wise Reports.
It allows you to download and hear the Call recording between Agents & Callers.

Missed Calls?....Not a Problem Any More..!!
Follow Ups

What if a Customer calls & Disconnects without Punching Inputs?
Or What if Agent misses the Call?

Not a Problem any more..!!

Our Software provide you the customer's data with which you can call the customer and feed the follow up details in the software for futher communication.

Greetings !!
SMS Notification

An auto generated Text Message / Greetings will be sent to the customer after the call.

Why Go for IVR?
Enhance Business Customer Support which might leads to Enhancement in Business Growth
IVR Works 24*7, It means Business is open for 24*7
Customer Never Complaints about Call Waiting / Busy Line.
How IVR Works?
  1. Customer Calls on your Centralized Business Number
  2. IVR Plays & callers Needs to select the Extenstion for Required Department
  3. Call get Transfer to the Best - Suited Agent of the Selected Department
  4. SMS Notification & Greeting will be sent to the caller after the call ends.